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I Believe in Pink - Givenchy Afternoon Tea at The Ritz Carlton, Hong Kong

With views over the iconic Hong Kong harbour (on a clear day!), this is a great place to go with visitors - or if you are a tourist visiting.

The Lowdown:

Cost: $398 (with additional $30 for a cup of hibiscus ginger tea (including a free Givenchy gift… more about this below)

Time: Afternoon tea is served from 3.30pm

Booking Details: Given the location and views across Hong Kong harbour, it’s best to book in advance. For larger groups they require credit cards details to secure the booking.

Score: 4.1 out of 5

Recommended? Yes. If you have a sweet tooth you will love it – the savouries were not comparable to other Afternoon Tea venues though. The view, on a clear day, is breathtaking.

See the full review below......

Givenchy "I Believe in Pink" Afternoon Tea for Two arrives

A cloudy day in March and as a treat while my mum was visiting, and to sample the special, limited edition Givenchy I Believe in Pink afternoon tea which finishes at the end of March. While the café is at the very top of the ICC (Hong Kong’s tallest building), we were sat next to a marble wall and so could have been anywhere…….(remember this when booking, there are a few window seats, so do ask for one if you would like to benefit from it !)


On the menu at The Ritz Carlton are a selection of 18 fabulous teas from one of my favourite tea houses – Tea WG. Headquartered in Singapore, Tea WG have only been on the tea scene a relatively short time but have amassed an eye watering collection of tea to choose from.

Given it was a Friday and I was in the tallest building in Hong Kong – I plumped for “A Weekend in Hong Kong”. This is a green tea with hints of rhubarb, blossoms and malty toffee. It reminded me a little of Rhubarb and Custard sweets from my childhood. Delicious.

Score: 5 out of 5 An excellent choice of premium teas. The tea set used was elegant and classic and the teapot a decent size (with the right amount of tea inside…..)

Tea WG - "A Weekend in Hong Kong"


The cake stands were large, showy pink tiers of goodies with Givenchy emblazoned along the side! There was nothing subtle or elegant about them – but this added to the fun.

The Savouries

(Spelt wrong on the menu – whoops)

We had four to choose from – Caviar Pink Crab Salad Mini Soft Bun, Rosemary Ham and Honey Mustard Swiss Roll, Japanese Scallop with Coffee Cream cheese blini and fish roe, Truffle Cream Mushroom Rosette Vol Au Vent.

My overall feeling was they lacked freshness and flavour – the bread and pastry were just a little stale and the seasoning was slightly off. The addition of coffee cream to the cream cheese blini threw us a little.

My favourite though, was the Rosemary Ham and Honey Mustard Swiss Roll – tasty and a perfect morsel to pop in your mouth.

The Sweets

The star of the show was definitely the Sweets (as is very typical of Afternoon Tea in Hong Kong.) They were so rich and sweet though we couldn’t managed everything (though we tried very hard because they were delicious!)

We were treated to Perfect Rose (a lychee rose verrine) – this was a little sickly and the rose was quite overpowering. Soothing Red – a raspberry chocolate delight – was so divine and rich. Pink Kiss – a strawberry tart with red chocolate lips on top – the pasty was melt in the mouth delicious, the filling delectable. I Believe in Pink – pink guava and vanilla – a very delicate palate cleanser (I ate it first, but should have had it last!)

The Scones – really top notch scones. Light, fresh from the oven and a petite size leaving you wanting more (which is how it should be !) The cream was clotted and the jam a tasty strawberry flavour. I generally expect very little when it comes to the scone at most Afternoon Tea venues in Hong Kong so this was wonderful!

.....oh yes, the hot topic of conversation was whether the cream or jam should go first.....(I prefer the Devonian Cream Tea !)

Score: 4 out of 5


It’s superb to get to travel all the way up to the 103rd floor in the lift (pop your ears on the way….). On a clear day the view of the stunning Hong Kong skyline is truly jaw dropping.

Our seat did not have a window view – we were next to a marble wall so could honestly have been in any hotel. If I go back I will definitely be asking for a window seat (there are only a few available.)

The staff were professional and accommodating.

Score: 4.5 out of 5


With the Givenchy I Believe in Pink afternoon tea you are entitled to claim a free Givenchy gift. However, these things are not simple – you will need to scan a QR Code on your cake stand (we were not told to do this!) – and then go to a Givenchy outlet in Hong Kong to collect it.

Do note, these outlets are limited as are their stock - so do your homework and ring ahead!

Score: 3 out of 5 (if you're going to give free gifts, give free gifts.....don't make your customers trek to get them)

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