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It started with a bike epic one !

In 2018, I embarked on a 170 mile cycle ride with my Dad. We followed The Way of the Roses route from Morecambe on the North West coast of England, to Bridlington, on the North East Coast of England.

For me, this was a huge challenge. Although we took our time and spent 5 days cycling across England, I had to ensure I had enough stamina to tackle the hills (oh those hills!) and to keep getting up and carrying on each day. I am not a cyclist so it was daunting.

I created a Blog Page and Information site so everyone supporting me around the world could keep up to date with my ride.

The blog is a really enjoyable read for me and I'm so glad I did it - such happy memories! If you have some time, do take a look. I'll be adding a new Epic Bike Ride to it this June 2019 when we embark upon the Hadrian's Wall cycle ride in England.

A key theme in the blog is the many cups of tea I enjoyed - it caught the attention of friends who started telling me they looked forward to my tea updates each day ...... with a bit of time the idea morphed into continuing to share my love of tea and all things British once I got home mainly on Instagram!

Wind the clock forward - I now have an Instagram page with over 1,250 followers (at the time of writing), a Facebook page (with a handful of followers) and now the website. What's next?! The sky is the limit in the New Year!

Photo's from Epic Bike Ride #1 The Way of the Roses - where it all started.....

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